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Interior Design without Renovations in Haifa

Interior Design without Renovations in Haifa

Received the keys to a new apartment in a multi-storey modern building, the family was confused: the empty, uncomfortable large space was scared and cause a number of questions:

  • How to fill empty wall space?
  • How to combine your favorite things from old apartments into a modern interior?
  • How to turn a small room into a transformer room, allowing you to have functional office space and put your grandchildren to bedtime?

Ideally, in regular cases of a new apartment, the designer should be contact in advance, rather the moment of receiving the keys. Then you will have a kitchen ideally planned for your needs and the builder during the construction will make the necessary changes to the standard layout. At a minimum, it will lead electrical outlets to exactly the places we need, which is already priceless. It can also give permission to remove/add a walls or partitions and carry out air conditioning convenient for you in accordance with the design plan.

In this apartment, we did not touch the air conditioning, electricity and installation, but we had to make small changes in the kitchen.

Kitchen Design:

Demolished a meter-long drywall partition between the kitchen and the living room. The opened end of the drawers was beautifully covered with a "falling down" stone worktop of the same room that was already in the kitchen. It was also used as an additional work surface for a specially ordered island - a table with drawers in the direction of the kitchen.

Living Room Design:

In this apartment, as in most Israeli apartments, the kitchen and living room represent a common open space. Therefore, zoning is so important. Having received the task to use high-quality furniture from the previous apartment, in addition to it, they chose a beautiful modern sofa of the right size, a high-quality carpet, lamps and curtains. They also added a functional low Italian salon table with originally masked sections for storing trifles, suitable for existing furniture. They hung their favorite memorable paintings and modernly arranged an expensive service in a cupboard.

Shower Room Design:

The design of shower rooms, combining auxiliary functions, requires special thought. In addition to the plumbing already installed, they ordered a cabinet to the ceiling, containing a washing machine from the dryer, compartments for buckets, mops, an iron, powders and other household items. Often they forget about the need for a place. And as always, beautiful shells and all kinds of pendants, which were given to the hostess by her loving patients, completed the general appearance.

Bedroom Design:

A new fashionable Italian armchair, bedside designer lamps, pillows and a complementary color painting enlivened the beloved sleeping set with a pillow box at the head of the bed (a rare opportunity in the market for modern beds). In addition, a door with a laser cut decorating it was specially ordered to the dressing room so that the things stored had the necessary ventilation. Well, and as always in this pre-eminent paintings completed the design.

Office Room Design:

The office was planned in detail. Everything fit into it.

For work:

computer, work printer, two-wall long countertop with drawers on each side.

For a day's rest:

coming grandchildren (as well as giving the opportunity to hide from them and take a nap), a large TV screen and a pull-out sofa with even a “popcorn” partition table were purchased.

To store home library:

two symmetrically arranged bookcases. I must note separately that it is "fashionable" to arrange numerous books in the cabinets of the office, I could not hide the joy of the fact that the books were real, readable, and not trendy accessories that mimic books in modern fashionable apartments.

Hallway Design:

The walls of the corridor dressed up in engravings and watercolors, collected by the hostess for years ....
On that, my work in this house was completed...