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Interior Design of Luxury Bathrooms at hotel suites in Netanya

Interior Design of Luxury Bathrooms at hotel suites in Netanya

The task to create luxurious bathrooms in Netanya’s best hotel for two of its suites, was challenging and aroused my enthusiasm - for a long time I wanted to use onyx boards of 3 × 1.5 m in size, which is almost impossible in private projects due to their size. Of the restrictions, there was only one thing: design is obliged by style to continue the pronounced style of the oriental tale of the entire hotel.

Like many people who enjoy relaxing in various places unusual for them, I like to develop style solutions in different styles.

and I let my imagination run free..

Functional Design:

The location of the bed in front of the wall opening did not leave the option to hang the screen opposite the headboard. therefore For this purpose, a system has been specially designed that holds the screen parallel to the ceiling in the wall opening. When the remote control button is pressed, the screen goes down and rotates 90 degrees as desired: either towards the bed or into the guest room opposite to it.
It is also mandatory for the Suite to watch movies while lying in the bath. Therefore, a screen that was not afraid of humidity and vapor was precisely cut into the onyx plates of the bathroom.

Bathroom Ceiling Design:

The ceiling in all public areas is "decorated" with fire pipes with sprinklers protruding from them, air conditioning hoses with trellised outlets, and a variety of insulating material. Therefore, if this is not the "Skyloft" style, you need to cover it all up. I had to take into account the decrease in the height of the ceilings and the lack of natural ventilation and lighting.
A lightweight aluminum structure was developed for the ceiling, with a laser-carved characteristic for this hotel, mounted on a plasterboard frame. Three types of lighting were thought out: bright light from the ceiling through aluminum slots, romantic illumination of the perimeter of the drywall frame and spotlight on the sides of the mirrors above the sinks.

Wall Design:

Luxurious huge sheets of "onyx" as a base. Beautiful mirrors in bronze frames, repeating the shape of an oriental pattern, wall sconces and a screen embedded in the wall and allowing you to enjoy watching movies while lying in a beautiful bathtub on legs.

Furniture Design:

The final touch was custom designed furniture with concave facades of drawers and carved open shelves with a laser pattern that repeats the ornament of the wall of the head of the bed.

This work was twice noted in television programs: In the news of the main Israeli channel and in the Russian-language program "ОРЕЛ И РЕШКА" ("Oryol and Reshka").