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Interior Design with Renovations of an apartment in Ramat Gan

Interior Design with Renovations of an apartment in Ramat Gan

A young family living in a beautiful house overlooking the park did not even consider moving to another house due to the lack of one room. After the birth of the twins, she was sorely missed ... This was the main task of this repair.

The question was: Is it possible to add a room in an existing apartment?

In addition, there were a number of tasks requiring attention: One of the showers, due to lack of storage space, was just a warehouse. A narrow long kitchen, which did not even fit a table. The extremely modern landlord couldn’t imagine his life without a “smart” house with music, ubiquitous internet and a wine fridge. And besides this, huge beautiful swords on the wall, pride and memory - were obliged to fit into a modern apartment.

Functional solutions in this project affected the entire apartment with the exception of two children's rooms.

Kitchen Layout:

The decision to open the kitchen as a single space with the living room and to attach an auxiliary balcony to it made it possible to create a large kitchen. The result was a well-thought-out comfortable layout, a sink with a window in front of the eyes instead of a wall, the ability to cook, watch a movie and see the children in the lounge at the same time.
The housewife, who loves colors and textures, boldly decided on bright Italian hexagonal ceramics for a kitchen apron, a dark gray kitchen and a brick wall with a screen, opposite. A table with an Italian chandelier with 18 “cups” above it separated the living room from the kitchen.

Additional Room:

Does the ability to find an extra room depend on the footage of the apartment? Yes and no. The main rule of redevelopment: there can be no more rooms than windows. A small window overlooking the park was in the pinat ohel zone. After checking the size, opening the kitchen and "straightening" the corridor, the construction of an additional room became a reality.

Master bedroom design with separate shower:

After the merger of the auxiliary balcony with the kitchen, a new place was needed for the washing machine. Having expanded the small shower room due to a small reduction in the spacious bedroom, moving the entrance to it, we got a fairly spacious room. A two-meter granite surface with a sink in the middle and with a washing and drying machines on the sides increases the shower room and makes the passage easier.

Living Room Design:

Having demolished the walls of the kitchen and the auxiliary balcony, the problem of insufficient daylight has gone (before the repair, the only "window" was the exit to the balcony, darkened by the upper floor at the end of the salon). A refrigerator for wine, a subwoofer, speakers - all this required "breathing furniture." Especially for this was created "architecture" of columns with the depth of the refrigerator, lined with bricks. The doors of the laser-cut cabinets for ventilation follow the ornament of the aluminum sides of the chandelier purchased in the salon.
For the owner, who likes to work at the computer, while being with his family, they came up with a glass table (so that it was invisible) pushed behind the back of the sofa. On glass shelves stretched across the wall between the columns, housed a collection of plates of the hostess and other memorabilia. And of course, for the beloved Swords inserted into the frame, the wall behind the working table was highlighted.

Hallway Design:

An additional room created by its wall extended the existing corridor. This turned from a minus into a big plus, as the deepening of the wall from the hallway side allowed to create a capacious embedded wardrobe for outerwear with interior lighting and large mirrored sliding doors. Mirrors also worked on the idea of additional interior lighting.

This project is especially important to me, because the owners immediately, right during my presentation, accepted the entire re-development of the apartment "from the first reading of the law." And this is rare.