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Interior Design with Renovations of an apartment in Rishon Lezion

Interior Design with Renovations of an apartment in Rishon Lezion

This apartment was bought exactly in the house they wanted.
The downsides were:

  • Outdated air conditioning system
  • Narrow impractical accessory balcony
  • Kitchen with almost no work surface
  • Inconvenient showers

Renovations Planning:

It was necessary to completely change the area of two showers and an auxiliary balcony, located in the center of the apartment.
This solved all the tasks at once:
The air conditioning ceilings are reduced only in the corridor area and above the showers. Like two strips of eyebrows, the air conditioning slots look elegantly at the salon and the kitchen.  The auxiliary balcony has become part of the large shower room, which opens from the parent bedroom. It fit everything: a shower from wall to wall, a toilet and a convenient sink with long drawers. Its spaciousness even made it possible to hide the built-in wardrobe with shelves for household utensils and a washing and drying machines.  Spacious roomy Kitchen has become the embodiment of the housewife's dream, who loves to cook.  And as a bonus, I managed to find a place to drain in the floor, loving this type of cleaning of the hostess.

Apartment Style:

The young family knew exactly what they wanted: a lot of airy open space for the freedom of movement of young children. Colors: white and dark gray. The TV wall was decorated with a serpentine shelf in dark gray, light gray floor slabs and a shiny white kitchen. For the effect of airiness and openness, all the lighting was embedded in a new plasterboard wall of the hallway and in the ceiling, slightly reduced for this purpose (since the height of the ceilings allowed).

On this my work was completed. Only after moving the decor gradually began to appear, as the owners are thoughtful to this.