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Interior Design with Renovations of a house in Or Akiva

Interior Design with Renovations of a house in Or Akiva

They liked the house they bought. It was located in quiet street with a park, had a personal garden plot and a garage. But for a family that is often assembled by a large company, the kitchen should have been much larger. Yes, and they wanted to have a fireplace in their own house.

Functional Design:

As with all projects, layout and technical aspects are thought out at the same time. How to create air conditioning throughout the guest and kitchen area, without lowering the already low ceiling? Hanging boxes -conditioners were not immediately considered.

Air Conditioning System:

It was designed specifically for this home and deserves a special mention. On the ceiling, in the center of the wide corridor between the kitchen and the living room, a round drywall construction was built, with a large chandelier recessed in the center and spots for lighting along the edges. Unusual rounded outlets of the air conditioner are inserted along the entire side surface. It practically became a highlight of the house.

Foyer Design:

Adjacent to the wall of the kitchen, at the entrance to the house, was a tiny "guest" toilet. In most cases, its functionality is rather negative for the atmosphere and design of the house. Its cancellation, in addition to expanding the kitchen, made it possible to create a magnificent mirror cabinet at the entrance, built into a niche. He not only beautifully continues the wall lined with bricks, imitates a window and separates the kitchen from the living room. He, in addition to shoes and jackets, hides an electric shield behind one of the doors.
In almost all houses and apartments, this unaesthetic electric “locker” hangs in the most prominent place at the entrance.

Kitchen Design:

The kitchen had a door to a small pantry. Without much hesitation, it was also canceled and the kitchen area increased significantly.
According to specially developed drawings, a comfortable kitchen, thought out to the smallest detail, was ordered, emphasizing the individual style of the owners. Expensive marble, shop windows, lights, a bar table with soft high chairs are of excellent quality.

Living Room Design:

For the interior, a fireplace was designed, lined with original, specially designed sketches. He took a place of honor at the end, replacing a narrow door exit to the courtyard.

Furniture design:

According to the chosen style, high-quality solid wood furniture with carved patterns was made to order in the salon and the spacious corridor. Israel has an exclusive supplier of such furniture.

All kinds of technical equipment, marble showers, an impressive entrance to the house, completed the project.