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Interior Design with Renovations of a small apartment in Holon

Interior Design with Renovations of a small apartment in Holon

She loved everything white. Even the floor had to be white. And everything is large and spacious: bathroom, kitchen, lounge, bedroom.

But the apartment was 40 square meters only.
S-shaped enclosed kitchen, tiny toilet and a narrow auxiliary balcony.


Functional design:

After taking the size and thinking carefully over, everything turned upside down.

Large Bathroom:

The bathroom has turned out from the former kitchen and shower. Unusual for a bath, a long narrow window reminds of a kitchen (such a window is often found in Israeli kitchens). The mistress's dream of taking aromatic baths came true. Everything fit: And the bath, and a washing machine comfortably tucked into a niche, a large sink, and a conveniently intimate hanging toilet. And as a bonus, from the bathroom, behind the neat door, storage places are organized on the former closed auxiliary balcony.

Hallway Extension:

An expanded wardrobe for outerwear and shoes appeared in the Expanded Hallway.

Open Style kitchen:

The kitchen, separated by the "peninsula" of the bar from the living room, was placed due to the accession of the loggia to the area of the cabin.

Living Room Design:

The comfortable large sofa-chaise lounge, opening in the "sleeping field" if necessary, completed the living room decor.

Master Bedroom:

The Master bedroom has increased its size. And now she is decorated with a linen closet in the whole wall, inserted into a niche specially formed for him from floor to ceiling.

This is how important it is to boldly believe that anything is possible.