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Interior Design with Renovations of one house for two generations in Or Akiva

Interior Design with Renovations of one house for two generations in Or Akiva

Two generations have lived together in this large house for many years: adult parents and young parents with small children. In anticipation of the next heir, it was decided to enlarge and update, which has become a small and non-modern house.

  • First of all, a huge kitchen was needed, allowing you to freely cook in "four hands".
  • Both pairs of parents wanted a separate "apartment" - a bedroom with their own, only their shower room.
  • The external facades of the house with small windows, somewhat reminiscent of loopholes, I wanted to replace with elegant Belgian ones.
  • And an additional task was a request to fit into a new house with a modern kitchen a solid carved furniture, loved by the older generation, and a home collection of selection wines.

Renovation Planning: Several options were provided for family discussion, and after lengthy discussions of all the advantages and disadvantages of each option, the decision to plan a future home was approved.

Kitchen Design:

The kitchen with a narrow horizontal window was at the very entrance. In the new house, she beckoned to her with white facades and large windows from afar. It spreads widely over the entire area of ​​the former veranda, now included in the territory of the house. Wall with built-in kitchen appliances and huge cupboards to the ceiling for storage. Perpendicular to it, the working surface is the entire width of the wall with endless drawers and a dishwasher. Parallel to it is a wall - a niche to the ceiling covering a huge refrigerator, symmetrically surrounded by kitchen cabinets. And finally - a kitchen bar. And besides everything, this kitchen, where you can cook in a small town, has a wide entrance / exit to the inner part of the courtyard to the barbecue and guests in the courtyard.

Master's Bedroom Design:

In the new house, on the site of the former kitchen, right at the entrance, away from children and grandchildren, a spacious bedroom appeared with its shower room and a small entrance hall for adult parents. The opportunity, without going through the whole house to go out into the yard, has become a nice bonus. The second sleeping quarters with their own shower are in the center of the apartment, closer to the bedrooms of smaller children.

Exterior Home Design:

It was decided to align the angular structure with the ledges of the house, giving a modern conciseness, decorating the walls with an elegant gray dressing, creating a symmetrical composition of "Belgian" windows on three sides of the house, decorating each window or door with a laconic street lighting Up Down. The new porch complemented the changes.

Interior Home Design:

Especially for the wine collection in the spacious corridor leading to the interior rooms a symmetrical “colonnade” was built, lined with gray stone with semicircular steps leading to it. All this is intended to emphasize the significance of the collection. To “colonnade” organically fit into the interior of the house, the television wall was also decorated with three columns. Glass shelves facilitate composition. The heavy dark furniture, having undergone restoration and repainting, supplemented the white kitchen and made its playful note.

All the household members returned to the unrecognized "new-old" house to wait for the appearance of the grandson, who was already waiting for their own room.