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Interior Design with Renovations of the Venue Hall in Tel Yitzhak

Interior Design with Renovations of the Venue Hall

Still beautiful, retaining its former grandeur, the Venue Hall of Thalia was located in a cozy green place. Many weddings, anniversaries and the Bar Mitzvah have been held in its welcoming walls for decades. And now it's time for the update.

Central Entrance Decoration:

A number of Roman columns with lanterns to the left of the entrance to the hall and to the right in a beautiful green park set the direction for design towards Eternal Rome. Entrance stone rectangular five-meter “gates” dressed in thin concrete boards with a Roman ornament cut by a laser. Bright interior illumination of the ornament, large luminous letters with the name of the Hall, modern concrete flooring indistinguishable from wood, added festivity and brilliance.

Loby Design:

Continuing the "Roman's style" along the wall opposite the entrance, an endless stream of water sparkles, which you want to watch endlessly. It beautifully reflects the Roman ornament of pillars. New concrete floors with streaks of "marble" sparkling reinforce the atmosphere of the Roman feast. The walls of the corridors with impressionistic strokes were decorated with decorative Italian plaster, exquisite wall lamps and decorations.

Celebration Hall Design:

The round hall was also not overlooked: 15 structural beams in the form of an arc supporting the arch were lined with metal plaid along the entire length with the same Roman ornament and lights inside. New floors, shiny stretch ceilings hiding atypical technical sound and sound equipment for Rome, an updated bar at the entrance complemented the picture.

Bathroom Design:

As you know, the level of the toilet can be used to judge the level of the establishment. This is especially true for Holiday Halls. Once witty, long massive sink-troughs with wooden decorations for suspended ceilings were completely dismantled. Luxurious surfaces with integrated sinks made of acrylic artificial stone set the tone for luxury and comfort. Through the stone, the lower backlight shines beautifully. Walls are repeatedly reflected in endless illuminated mirrors framed by massive baguettes. Italian wall dressing in silver-gold rich colors, hints at the palaces of the Roman nobility. Bronze luminaires hung low from the ceilings, curved plate taps add a touch of grace.

Suite Design for the bride and groom:

A small relaxation room with a separate toilet, shower, sinks, jacuzzi and ironing is located next to the hall. The irregular shape of the small room left no room for redevelopment. But the power of Decor is unlimited. A massive chandelier, visually "crushing" with a low ceiling, was replaced by openwork wall lights with the same perimeter illumination "adjacent to the ceiling" and On the floor they laid a high-quality wide parquet board, carefully selected in tone. For the walls, a golden shade of Italian decorative plaster, multiple decorations of golden color and a massive mirror frame "aged" in noble-gold scarlet were chosen. A cosmetic corner, a low armchair and comfortable "beds" allow you to relax comfortably. A round table with a glass tabletop on metal "carnations" on a round carpet, and light openwork tables with bronze trays on top, do not burden an already small room. A new, snow-white door with an ornament leads to the inner room. Lined from top to bottom with mirrors, a rectangular structural pillar, elegantly shaped mirrors in bronze frames and bronze lamps hanging from the ceiling brought in the missing charm.

This project was special remembered by dedicated hardwork of all participants, because there was no opportunities to close the hall for repairs more than a week. Therefore, part of the work was carried out even at night.